BellVue for the Dukane MCS350

Saving Time and Money on Every Schedule

BellVue is an add-on to a Dukane MCS350 Intercom Systems that provides remote access and automation of time and schedule changes. BellVue is a winpal tool replacement.

Yes, I need this.

I need this because I need to fix these problems:

  • I am a Principal: I am tired of the bells ringing at the wrong times.
  • I am a Student: I am confused when the bells are wrong and don't know where to go.
  • I am an Office Staff: I am tired of the bells ringing during the first weeks of summer while I wait for a technician.
  • I am a District IT: I am tired of the cost of technicians driving to each school to make a simple change.
  • I am a Technician: I cant keep Windows XP alive forever.


I have been asked by my manager to:

  • Create automation of tasks.
  • Save/Keep money inmy budget.
  • Increase customer service.
  • Save time.
  • Do more with the same.


WINPAL and Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10. 

Many Dukane MCS350 customers are losing their ability to manage the MCS350. With on-going Microsoft Windows upgrades to 64-bit, WINPAL is doomed. But not to worry, BellVue is not based on Windows can run for as long as the MCS350 will be in use. BellVue does this by:

  1. Not using Microsoft Windows
  2. Standards-based software design
  3. Newest technology and upgradable for todays modern world

For these reasons and more, you need BellVue.


Why replace? Upgrade your MCS350 to today's technology.

  • Remote and mobile access
  • 3 Clicks to a new schedule
  • Calendar scheduling, makes changes before you even start the school day
  • Internet time clock synchronization
  • And more...

Contact us or your distributor to find our more.


    Automate or make changes now to the schedule that fit your schools needs.

    3 Clicks for a new Bell Schedule

    With more systems to manage, having a system that only accessible on site isn't helping. BellVue is accessible from any browser, and saves the travel time to change or reprogram a bell schedule. Doing more with the school intercom system you already have.

    • Winpal replacement and more
    • Advanced Scheduler
    • Daylight Savings Time fix
    • Network Time Protocol Manager
    • Centralize technician access and support

    Automate and Do More

    The bell system is one of the most important system in a school. BellVue helps you get the most by ensuring that it always rings at the correct time. The bell rings when you want it to by loading the correct schedule in 90 seconds to your school intercomm system.

    Future Proof

    Dated technology, such as a school intercom system, is expensive to maintain and keep updated. Add an updated interface and start saving time and budget. BellVue is built on industry standards and is build to last, so the future is ensured.

    • Industrial embedded computing platform
    • Extensive device life
    • Upgradable with new features
    • Native compatible with current bell system

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