BellVue for the Dukane MCS350

Saving Time and Money on Every Schedule

BellVue is an add-on to a Dukane MCS350 Intercom Systems that provides remote access and automation of time and schedule changes. BellVue is a winpal tool replacement.

What are the advantages to BellVue?

Winpal tool replacement

BellVue for the Dukane MCS350 can do what Winpal can do and more. If your technicians are familiar with Winpal try our web interface to save the drive to locations to make changes. With the same features, better interface, bug fixes and automation layer, Winpal can be retired.

Simplified Schedule Transfer

Schools that don’t have BellVue have technicians connect to the Dukane MCS350 with a laptop or nearby computer with a serial cable to load a new schedule file. This is a time consuming task. With BellVue, School Administrators and Technicians can be anywhere on the network and change the schedule. Since the schedule files are stored, changing a bell schedule can be done in 3 clicks! Its Easy!

Advanced Scheduler

To make things even simpler, a School Administrator or Technician can create a calendar that knows when to load different bell schedule files. If there is a non-traditional school day event, such as an assembly, holiday or conference, BellVue will transfer the prearranged schedule file before the event and change it back to the defined default traditional schedule when it is completed.

Daylight Saving Time

The world around the Dukane MCS350 has changed drastically since it was created. One of the BellVue feature is that Network Time Protocol (NTP), or Internet Time, can be used to fix the Daylight Saving Time  (DST) problem. Most Dukane MCS350 systems have an outdated DST schedule. The  Energy Policy Act of 2005 changed when clocks “fall back” or “spring forward”. Hence the bells ring at the incorrect time at least 4 times a year. Using NTP, the system clock is automatically synchronized to ensure accuracy. This feature can be disabled if the user chooses to do so, but disabling this feature is not recommended.

Setting time at Noon

Using Dukane’s WinPal tool, users cannot set time to the correct value if the current time is between 12:00pm and 1:00pm. This bug has been fixed by BellVue, and time can be set correctly any time day or night.


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