BellVue for the Dukane MCS350

Saving Time and Money on Every Schedule

BellVue is an add-on to a Dukane MCS350 Intercom Systems that provides remote access and automation of time and schedule changes. BellVue is a winpal tool replacement.

BellVue for the Dukane MCS350

What is BellVue?

The main feature of BellVue is a modern web interface. No longer do school technicians need to drive to a site to change a bell schedule or fix the incorrect time.  Since BellVue is standards-based, it can correct existing problems and add new functionality by using technology that wasn’t available to the original designers.

BellVue is as addon to your existing Dukane MCS350. BellVue does not replace the need of having a Dukane MCS50. By adding BellVue, you have a modern interface to access and automate administrative task. These lower the cost of ownership and adds new functions that did not exist years ago.

The Innovation of BellVue.

BellVue is the only product of its kind on the market.  Do not be fooled by imitators who simply use an audio cable and bypass your existing bell system features.  Our product is an external device that connects to your existing Dukane MCS350. BellVue provides modern services for a dated system that is still in use today. These services reduce the cost and complexity of maintaining and managing a Dukane MCS350

Is BellVue only for technicians?

BellVue is designed for both School Administrators and technicians. A School Administrator does not need worry about the technical requirements to change the bell schedule. A 3-click transfer screen can load a new schedule file. Usually this is done using a complex key code system through the administrative phone system. Most School Administrators feel comfortable with a web browser and can easily navigate and perform the functions needed. For the technicians, the same tools and configuration options are available. Both can use the BellVue to save time and get to what is important.

More to come!

These are a few of the features that BellVue has to offer. If you have a idea of how BellVue can be better, Contact Us and let us know what you think. General Integration has exciting plans for BellVue. Stay connected!

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