BellVue for the Dukane MCS350

Saving Time and Money on Every Schedule

BellVue is an add-on to a Dukane MCS350 Intercom Systems that provides remote access and automation of time and schedule changes. BellVue is a winpal tool replacement.

Free Upgrades and New Features

In order to support new and upcoming products, The BellVue Core product will be discontinuted. All existing BellVue Core customers will be contacted for an upgrade at no additional cost.  BellVue and BellVue Connect will continue to be supported. 

Existing customers, keep your eyes on your inbox for a link to update your BellVue for the MCS350 in the next few weeks. 

Features will include:

  1. All Schedule report - This is a printable report that shows all parts of the schedule file.
  2. More Runtime Config - Additional runtime parameters have been exposed to help fine tune communications.
  3. Additional Reports - Additional Report Logs have been exposted to better see errors and why.
  4. The AP# and room are now split and each are searchable and sortable.
  5. Last Schedule Transferred is now displayed for easy reference.


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