BellVue for the Dukane MCS350

Saving Time and Money on Every Schedule

BellVue is an add-on to a Dukane MCS350 Intercom Systems that provides remote access and automation of time and schedule changes. BellVue is a winpal tool replacement.

Consistant Accuracy Matters

Its that time again, the first time Daylight Savings Time change of the year.

  • Did your bells ring correctly Monday morning?
  • Did your students have to wait for a technician to set the time correctly?
  • Did the secretary have use the administrator phone to fix it, after looking up the phone commands?
  • Would you like to have accurate time, every day?

If you answered no to any of these, then you need to look at BellVue. It uses Internet time, (NTP) to correctly maintain the system time every week. Also BellVue has a tolerance of +-3 seconds. Winpal has tolerance of +-59 seconds. That's a 10x improvement accuracy of time with BellVue. And each location in your school district can expect this level of accuracy.

If you wait, you can expect the next incorrect time change in the spring unless you act now to start saving time.  

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